Welcome Waterville Neighbors,

Thank you for visiting our website!  We are a group of Waterville residents concerned about the environmental and economic impacts of plastic grocery and shopping bags. We are working to pass an ordinance to ban plastic shopping bags only at Waterville businesses that are 10,000 square feet or larger. This includes grocery stores and big box stores, where the majority of plastic bags come from.  We encourage you to use a reusable shopping bag instead!

Join us at these upcoming events:

1.) Wednesday, April 18 – 6pm – Screening of “Bag It” film – Beth Isreal Congregation – 291 Main Street in Waterville

2.) Sunday, April 22 – 1pm – Earth Day litter cleanup – Castonguay Square outside City Hall

The average American. uses 300 plastic grocery and shopping bags each year. There are about 16,000 residents of Waterville, that means approximately 4,800,000 are used in Waterville alone every year! If all those bags were placed next to each other in a row, it would stretch over 16,000 football fields!

Thirteen towns in Maine have already passed local ordinances to ban or place a 5 cent fee on plastic shopping bags including:

  • York – Banned

    • Bath – Banned

    • Freeport – Banned

    • Kennebunk – Banned

    • Brunswick – Banned

    • Saco – Banned

    • Belfast- Banned

  •  Cape Elizabeth – Banned

  • Rockland – Banned

    • Portland – 5 cent fee

    • South Portland – 5 cent fee

    • Falmouth – 5 cent fee

  •  Topsham – 5 cent fee

We want Waterville to be next and we have been meeting for months to determine the best path forward.

We are looking for community input and guidance before finalizing our proposal. We would like to ban plastic shopping and grocery bags only at Waterville businesses with 10,000 square feet or more of retail space. This would affect Waterville grocery stores, Walmart, Home Depot, Mardens, and a few other stores.

We are reviewing ordinances already passed in other Maine towns for guidance as we draft an ordinance for Waterville. Once completed, we will work with the City Attorney Bill Lee to ensure it is legally sound. Then, we will introduce and propose it to the Waterville City Council for their consideration. The ordinance could be sent to the voters to decide in November. Our goal is to pass the ordinance by the end of 2018 for implementation in the Spring of 2019.

Thanks to the volunteers who pitched in!


Over 300 people signed our petition at the polls on election day!

Over 300 people signed our petition at the polls on election day!

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