Bag Fee & Styro Ban Pass in Topsham!

BYOB MidCoast is delighted that, on November 8,  our fellow Topshamites voted to support the single-use bag fee and Styrofoam ban ordinances   This makes Topsham the first inland community in Maine to have passed such ordinances, and we hope that other communities throughout the state will follow suit.  The measures passed by 52% and 66%, respectively. 

An effort such as this takes a lot of work and we are really grateful to people in this community for talking to their friends and neighbors and displaying the “Keep Topsham Clean” signs along the roadside.

We also want to thank our vigorous group of about 20 volunteers, from Bring Your Own Bag MidCoast, who helped us collect petition signatures to get it on the ballot in the first place, wrote letters and articles of support for local newspapers, painted signs and even stood by the roadside with a sign wearing a plastic bags costume.  Without the resounding support from all these efforts, we could not have been successful.

Our next step will be to try and get the 5000 reusable bags for which we have raised funds into the hands of those who need it most and to get the single-use bag fee passed across the river in Brunswick. 


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