Ecologically, the best  practice is to reduce; followed by re-use; followed by recycle.  Which is to say, that you help the environment most if you can avoidBags & Styrofoam - on counter 2 ban using something altogether (“reduce”).

Even if you re-use your plastic bags for other purposes, it would be better to use cloth reusable bags and find an alternative way to satisfy that second use.  Here are some easy work-arounds that we’ve come up with:

Use your bags to scoop up pet poop? –> Why not save bread wrappers for that purpose?!?

Use your bags for dirty laundry?  –> Why not use a cloth laundry bag?

Use your bags to line your wastebaskets?  –>  Consider emptying contents of the bag into your main trash bin and reusing the liner so you don’t need so many.  

Use your bags to store small items?  –>  Why not use the plastic your newspaper comes in?

Tips to remember your bags

  • Store any coupons in your bag and keep by the door.
  • Keep reusable bags in the trunk of your car and place one on the back seat as a visual reminder.
  • Put a small Post-It reminder on your dashboard.
  • Purchase a few compact reusable bags that to keep with you in a purse, jacket pocket, or backpack.
  • Ask the kids to remind you to bring your bags as part of earning their allowance.

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