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Waterville Volunteers Clean Up Litter Along North Street 

By Brandon Doyen | 

WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) Volunteers in Waterville helped clean up parks, playgrounds, trails and sidewalks along North Street on Tuesday.

The Sustain Mid-Maine Coalition and the Natural Resources Council of Maine teamed up to host the community litter clean up day.

It’s part of a local push for a city ordinance to reduce plastic pollution in Waterville.

They hope to base the ordinance off what other Maine cities have already adopted- possibly adding a fee for single-use bags in grocery stores.

“The Sustain Mid-Maine Coalition purchased a ton of reusable bags. We’re going to give these away for free at the polls in Waterville on Election Day, which is next Tuesday. So if you need a reusable bag, you can get one for free at the polls,” said Todd Martin, Waterville resident, NRCM.

Business owners and residents are invited to the Sustain Mid-Maine Coalition’s next meeting to discuss single-use plastic bags at City Hall on Monday, November 13th.

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